Two Days in Athens, Greece. Travel Photography​

And here it is, beautiful Athens, Greece, and timeless Acropolis.

It has been a long way coming for me, but I finally made it. Having the best friend living in Athens, this trip had extra special meaning for me. While the best part was to catch up with someone very special, I will say that Greece did not disappoint, and I and my family cannot wait to go back.

We stayed in Athens for two full days and then traveled to the beautiful island of Zakynthos (more on that coming soon). I think two days is plenty for seeing all of the highlights in the city. The Greek Islands is where you want to spend most of your time. And there are so many of them it is very hard to choose!

While in Athens we were able to see Acropolis, number one on the list of course. Go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where you can watch changing of the guards. Mount Lycabettus, it is the highest point of Athens with gorgeous views and very charming St. George Church that's open for everyone. We also had a beautiful walk during the sunset on Flisvos Marina where we checked out luxury yachts, listen to some talented street musicians and popped a bottle of champagne while kids played on a playground.

So there you go, hope you will enjoy these photos, and make it there yourself one day.

It is a must!

This is the Sacred Olive Tree on top of the Acropolis. The legend goes that the olive tree can be traced back to the original olive tree that was planted by the Goddess Athena herself when she won a contest between her and Poseidon for the possession of Athens.