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Hi, I am Sofiya! And welcome to BySofiya.com. A place where you will find beautiful photography to be inspired by, healthy recipes that I cook for my family, travels, and daily lifestyle inspirations.


I created this site back in 2011 when I had my children, and I decided to learn photography.  I wanted to share my work here and soon after I realized that my long before the affair with cooking and now photography was a perfect match! So that is when I started to develop and post recipes with a healthy twist. I hope you will find my recipes along with photographs inspiring, and decide to cook some for yourself! I use only the best wholesome organic ingredients and food that makes us feel good inside and out. 


I can surely say that my favorite subject to photograph is food, but I am also specializing in family, kids, and seniors photography.  If you are local and looking to schedule your session, please feel free to explore my portfolio here, and I will be delighted to tell your story through my lens! 

Few facts about me


  • I was born and grew up in Ukraine. My husband grew up in Turkey. I have a brother in law who is Hungarian! My favorite thing about our very international family is to be able to explore and learn about different cultures and their cuisine first hand. 

  • I currently live in Northern Illinois with my husband and two awesome kids Aleyna and Demir. 

  • We live very close to my mom who's raising pastured chickens and growing lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits for our enjoyment.  We are so blessed to have her! 

  • My favorite things are coffee and flowers! You can probably guess from the pictures who's idea it was to drive 6 hours to see the lavender field 😉.